Educational Institutes The learning enterprise for students is changing, most likely forever. The emerging education industry involves designing and creating experiences that provide opportunities to discover and gain 21st century competencies based on assembly, synthesis, perspective, critique, and interconnected systems thinking. Institutions today are turning to cutting-edge technologies to enhance and complement their educational offerings.

A significant area of education business is conceptualization, creation and deployment of multimedia educational content for Classes I to XII for Science, Social Science and Mathematics. It has evolved process based quality systems that are customer centric and aid the team in developing high quality 2-D and 3-D Multimedia based Educational Content which is deployed both on the Internet i.e. Web enabled as well as on an Intranet i.e. LAN or on a standalone broadcast mode.

Silicon Sea has over the years understood how important it is to make "informed decisions" and the amount of painstaking effort it takes to track and generate the information required to do so. This information aids institute leaders in making decisions that allow their educational organizations to take that most important leap towards better management, propriety and in becoming market leaders by setting trends. Working closely with worldwide education communities, Silicon Sea has developed technology, tools, programs, and software solutions to help address education challenges while improving teaching and learning opportunities. Silicon Sea is committed towards lending a technology-driven helping hand to educational institutes the world over, so as to help them perform better by enabling them to: